Servant Officer Gallery (5)



"Officer Christopher Williams was on his way to work in his personal vehicle when he came upon a State Trooper being fired at while inside his patrol car during a traffic stop. The suspect fled and Officer Williams stopped to check on the trooper who had been shot in the shoulder. He ended up staying with him until he was safely transported to the nearby hospital."



"Officer Jeremy Smith was dispatched to a residence regarding a medical alarm activation. The resident was a 98 year old woman who had fallen in her home and could not get up. Upon arrival, Officer Smith discovered that all of her doors were locked and there was no easy access into her home. So he found a window that was unlocked and was able to get in the house that way to let the rescue personnel in to render medical aid to the victim. After speaking with the woman, Officer Smith learned that she lived alone and had no immediate family in the area that could assist her. With that information, Officer Smith knew that there were more than likely going to be more calls for service to her house, so he requested permission from her to install a lock box on her property with a set of spare. keys that can be used by first responders in case of an emergency. With her permission, he purchased a lock box and a spare set of keys with his own money and installed it for her the next day."



"Back in 2018, Officer Brian Zach responded to a call at a residence where Kaila (the little girl in the photo) had been badly abused. Officer Zach spent the rest of the night bonding with her coloring and eating snacks. "She held my hand and she was just this cute little thing," Brian said. Little Kaila had been taken to the hospital and was being treated for multiple injuries from the abuse and criminal charges were filed against her caretakers. Officer Zach is already a father of two children and said he told his wife when he got home after spending time with Kaila that he wanted her to come live with them. Child Protective Services were unable to find immediate placement for Kaila, so Officer Zach and his wife took her in. Brian stated that, "We lived each week not knowing if she was going to go back to her biological parents or how long we were going to keep her. Our goal was to love and care for this little girl for as long as it happened." 30 months later, they were able to officially adopt her."



"Three year old, Wesley, and his family were out eating breakfast when he noticed Officer Bentz in her patrol car. Officer Bentz let Wesley play in her vehicle and even let him honk the horn, which totally made his day! She also gave him a sticker and a teddy bear for making her day."



"One evening, information was received about someone's bike being stolen. The bike belonged to Shamus Dougherty, who is well known in the community for riding his bicycle around town for most of his life. Officer Dustin Widener immediately stepped up and said that he was going to find the stolen bike. He spoke to members within the homeless community offering a reward (out of his own pocket) to anyone who could find the bike. A few days later, Officer Widener received a call from one of the men he offered a reward to who had found and recovered the stolen bike. Officer Widener was off-duty when he got the call, but took the time to retrieve the bicycle and return it to its rightful owner."



"Officers Garrett Nelson (far left) and Guy Furtado (far right) were enjoying time off on the slopes at Okemo Mountain Resort. The group they were with were heading back to the ski lodge and they wanted to take one more run down the slopes. As they were on their way down, they heard 45 year old, William Polzun Jr., screaming for help; his 20 year old son, Nathan, had collapsed. Officers Nelson and Furtado quickly made their way over to see what was going on. Nathan was unresponsive with no pulse, so Officer Nelson immediately called 911 and Officer Furtado started doing CPR on Nathan to try to revive him.The four of them were recently reunited at the Fall River Police Department and William stated that his son is "only alive today because of the quick action of these two superheroes". As he was telling the story of what had happened, William said that he panicked when his son fell to the ground and he heard a calm voice say, "I'll do the compressions and hold his head while you do the breaths", as Officer Furtado walked him through administering rescue breaths and Officer Nelson was providing key details to the responding ski patrol. Nathan is on the road to recovery and they all hope to share the slopes again next year once Nathan receives medical clearance."



"Officer Guadalupe responded to a call about a vehicle that was stranded due to it being out of gas. When he arrived and started speaking with the woman who called, he learned that she was escaping her residence due to a domestic battery situation and was on her way to a women's shelter. She also had her 8 and 10 year old children with her. Officer Guadalupe filled the woman's car up with gas and gave her some of his own money to make sure she and her children could also get something to eat."