When people ask what LHLN does, we typically say...

We help leaders become better leaders in all they do.

What we really want to say is...

We keep leadership simple.

We are Leaders Helping Leaders Network, founded in 2018 by leadership expert, Dean Crisp. We provide the information, inspiration, and instruction that today's leaders need to be effective in growing themselves and others into the leaders our organizations need and that today's workforce deserves.




Our unique perspective on leadership is what keeps it simple. As Dean says:

"Leadership is simple, but it isn't easy."

We make the complex understandable, and more importantly, actionable with simple ideas that even first-time supervisors can use to be effective, motivational leaders.

Clients are drawn to us because of the reputation of our founder, Dean Crisp, who is known to provide quality and actionable information that is delivered in an entertaining way. We call it "info-tainment", but it is so much more.

With a combined 50+ years of law enforcement executive-level experience among all of our instructors, we are the right team at the right time delivering the best information and instruction to law enforcement and leadership seekers today.