How to Become an Intentional Leader

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 Over the next few weeks, we thought it would be helpful to share with you the transformation we are seeing in the classroom. LHLN has now created 3 signature classes that are truly transforming individuals and organizations across the country.

Our first class, Intentional Leadership: Leading with a Purpose, continues to be a hit wherever it is taught. Some of the comments and feedback we have received always reinforce that it is one of if not THE best leadership class they have ever taken. With LHLN’s focus on creating a unique style of teaching and, really partnering with our students to create a unique learning dynamic, we know our students leave the classroom feeling they have learned new ways to enhance their own leadership and how to grow others.

During this 2.5-day course, students are taken on a journey to determine what type of leader they want to be; what their "why" of leadership is; and how to grow their team into future leaders through maturity and what we consider to be the four components of leadership. In today's workplace, whether it be law enforcement or civilian, your ability to manage your mindset; your emotional intelligence; triage your experiences as a leader and to then self-heal are critical to your overall success.

As the course creator and LHLN Founder, I truly believe that at the root of it all is the importance of looking at yourself. Those who understand themselves, will end up being the best leaders most especially if they learn how to manage themselves and grow others. The goal of this class is to take the student (be it a new, veteran or aspiring leader) on a journey to understand where they are in their personal growth and development - what I call your GPS Moment.

So, what is an Intentional Leader? Simply put it is a leader who is deliberate in their actions and understands what they want to accomplish as a leader of an organization. Whether you are coaching a little league baseball team OR leading a large department of professionals, understanding where you are and where you want to go are key to success. In our signature course, we walk our participants through a variety of key areas of leadership such as:

  • What is the mindset of a leader
  • How your thinking affects your leadership
  • The type of leader you want to be
  • Defining your GPS Moment
  • Creating your 'why' of leadership
  • The four critical components of a leader
  • How to have a critical conversation vs a crucial conversation
  • Why Mentoring is the key to successful leadership

We’d love to bring this next level leadership course to your area! Check our website to see if we have a class scheduled near you OR we would be happy to discuss your department or agency as a possible host location for a future class! We offer open enrollment classes and contract classes to our students.

Learn about all of our live courses and workshops at:


Until next week… Go out and help grow future leaders!


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