Creating A Culture of Leadership

culture of leadership dean crisp development journalingyourleadership leadership culture Jun 14, 2022

In this week’s podcast (listen here), we have a lively conversation with one of our instructors and an active leader himself, JP Harvey. At one point, JP talks about the importance of creating the right culture of leadership. After reflecting on that, I thought that was a very accurate description of what we as leaders do everyday. Every interaction you have with employees and others in your organization show what “aura” of leading you emit. That’s a powerful place to be and should give each of us as leaders pause.

Upon reflection, there are some things that each of us should be striving to do each day as leaders. Here are just a few:

  1. Are you aware of yourself and have explained your “why” of leadership to your people - before they ask? The younger Gen Y and Z want to understand the why behind the purpose or activity. By leading with the “why” to build confidence in them and them in you as a leader.
  2. Are you creating opportunities for your people to develop a relationship with you as a leader? By leading with relationships instead of a task or document, you create intrinsic value in your people and the relationship you’ve built.
  3. Are you working on your own personal development every day? By creating rituals around physical exercise, intellectual growth through reading, or by learning a new topic, you are setting an example for your people and building confidence in yourself and your leadership.

Consider these 3 things. In each class we teach, we give a blank journal to each student. THe purpose is to encourage students to begin the ritual of writing down the important things they are learning throughout their day. Writing notes about a book you are reading leads to revelations that connect to leadership issues or challenges you are facing which in turn create opportunities for you to teach these lessons to others.

When you as a leader set the example you want to see in your people, you create a positive culture of leadership that is focused on the future for you, your people, and your organization.


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