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“I saw leaders quickly take ownership of the good things – regardless of who deserved credit – and assign accountability for the bad whenever possible, even when they were at least partially to blame. It didn’t “feel” like leadership to me.”

Captain Joshua Plummer


This week, in the spirit of the celebrated Memorial Day on Monday, we are linking to an exceptional article sent to us by one of our instructors, J.P. Harvey, from the military publication, Task and Purpose. The article, Inside SERE School, Where Military-Grade Hide-and-Seek Meets Life-and-Death Struggle, is by Captain Joshua Plummer, The War Horse gives a real accounting of what it means to level up your leadership and truly take ownership of your leadership. You can watch Dean discuss both in this week’s Leadership Lesson video released on Tuesday.

The story is a deep look into the training for our Marines in SERE school and one officer’s experience going through the training. I think you will like it.

Read his article here.

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