Take The Extra Steps

Mar 08, 2023

Being significant takes work. In fact, being significant can sometimes mean doing things you don't naturally want to do. But that's what makes being significant so special - it means that you are pushing yourself to be the best you can possibly be, no matter what.

If you have had one of my classes before, you may have heard me talk about the significance of taking care of your surroundings. I try to emphasize the importance of taking pride in your place of work and making sure you help in whatever way you can to keep the building, office, and/or break room tidy and neat. But if you're wanting to be significant in all you do, it cannot stop there. You should do all you can wherever you are to make sure things are picked up and put up to make that particular environment the best it can be for you and for others.

I was talking with Mekenzie Craig (who wears a lot of hats for LHLN) the other day and we were talking about ways that we were taking the extra steps to be significant in all we do.

My example: I was on my way to teach a class one morning when it started pouring the rain. I didn't have an umbrella with me, so I put a towel I had on top of my head and another one around my shoulders. As I was hurriedly jogging through the parking lot with my bags in hand, one of the towels fell off onto the ground. I was unable to lean down to pick it up with my hands being full, so once I dropped everything off inside, I rushed back out there to pick up the towel. I could have easily left it out there for someone else to deal with, but I didn't. 

Mekenzie's example: She was at the store on her way home from work one day to pick up some things she needed. As she bent down to grab a bottle of medicine, the medicine bottle behind it fell onto the ground. Her hands were full at the time, so she wasn't able to pick it up. She ended up laying her things down at the register and went back to pick up the bottle that fell and put it back on the shelf. She didn't have to leave her things at the register to go back and do that, but she did. 

I'm not telling these scenarios to pat myself (or Mekenzie) on the back by any means. None of us are perfect and I'm sure there are plenty of things each of us has decided not to do at times out of laziness, selfishness, or pure carelessness. But being significant means taking the extra steps to do what is right. It requires you to see everything as an opportunity, take care of your surroundings, and think of others before yourself.

Here are some examples of what taking the extra steps can look like:


  • Putting the shopping cart up after unpacking your things in your car.
  • Holding the door for those behind you (no matter how far away they are); especially if they are carrying something.
  • Picking up something you see outside or in a building that has obviously fallen.


  • Following up with an employee if you know they are going through a hard time.
  • Lending a hand when someone is drowning in work and you have the time to help them.
  • Throwing away trash that someone else left on a table or desk, etc.

As a leader, people are going to watch every move you make. Are you doing all you can to be significant in all you do? It is never too late to start doing so now!

Have a great rest of the week and always remember to... #BeSignificant!

- Dean

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