The Key to Motivating Others

May 24, 2023

I want you to think about motivation for a second. It is extremely important for employees to feel motivated, yes? And leaders should make sure they are motivating those they lead, yes? Well in most cases, when the employee relies on their manager, supervisor, and/or boss to motivate them, the motivation only lasts a short while until they feel motivated again and the cycle continues. As a leader, instead of constantly having to give words of encouragement or giving motivational speeches or emails every once in a while, the key to truly motivating others is by supporting them. 

When leaders show their support to those they lead, the employees are actually able to motivate themselves from within knowing that they are supported and valued from their superior. When the employees are able to motivate themselves, the organization as a whole is more successful and the relationship between the leader and those they lead becomes stronger, which creates a much better workplace.

Some ways a leader can show support is by letting others know you are there for them, trusting them to complete a task (do not micromanage them), and helping them grow.

BE THERE FOR THEM: By letting those you lead know you are there for them, it shows that you actually care about their wellbeing and their growth as a person. When people feel cared for, it creates a sense of calmness and even confidence that they are safe and secure and they actually look forward to going to work because the environment in which they spend most of their time during the week is full of support. You should also be there for those you lead when times get tough and help them get through it (whether work related or personal). When each person within an organization feels as if they are a part of a team, the synergy that creates is like no other and will not only benefit the individuals, but it will also benefit the organization as a whole.

TRUST THEM: When you give someone a task and trust them to complete it by standing back and giving them room to finish it, it allows them to feel like they are capable and will ultimately perform at their very best. Of course let them know that you are there if they need any help, but do not micromanage them. When you micromanage someone by constantly telling them what they did wrong or telling them how to do something, it makes them feel as if they are not capable and they tend to shut down and are scared to do anything for that matter. So giving someone a task and trusting them to do it is incredibly important if you want those you lead to feel supported.

HELP THEM GROW: If you tell someone you are leading that you want to see them grow and that you want to actually help them grow, it ignites a feeling of passion inside of them that they might not have even known was there. Everyone needs to feel as if there is more to what they are doing day in and day out, so if you let them know that you are invested in helping them grow as a person and within the organization, it will give them a boost of energy to do everything to the best of their ability and will be the motivation they need to keep going.

So if you are a leader and you want to truly motivate those you lead, make sure you are supporting them. Support is an on-going feeling that never goes away, but motivation is a fleeting feeling that comes and goes if it is not coming from within. If you want those you lead to motivate themselves, showing that you support them is going to do just that and more.

- Dean



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